ACT – What is It?  How Can It Help?

Acceptance & Commitment Training, or ACT is an empirically science-based model for therapy and coaching.  At ACT in the Moment, we use this powerful model for training and coaching with 2 goals in mind:

  1. To help you create the rich, purposeful and rewarding life you desire
  2. To effectively manage painful or limiting thoughts and emotions

ACT – 6 Core Processes

ACT consists of 6 Core Processes that help you achieve Psychological Flexibility.  Similar to how stretching and toning exercises help make you stronger and more agile in performing your daily physical activities, ACT processes can help you become more flexible mentally and emotionally in order to handle whatever situations life throws at you therefore freeing you to take action toward what is truly meaningful in your life.   Those 6 processes are:

  1. Mindfulness/Contact with the Present Moment
  2. Values
  3. Committed Action
  4. Self as Context
  5. Defusion
  6. Acceptance

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