Charlene’s authentic and clean style allows her clients to be comfortable right away, but she gets to the heart of the matter quickly and adeptly. She is clear and thoughtful in her approach and you can feel her compassionate nature even by phone. She creates a safe space for true growth and development and champions her clients in a truly inspirational manner.



Charlene was instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal to transition my part-time professional endeavors to a full-time sustainable business that draws on my strengths and is in alignment with my values.  She coached me through overwhelm and fear and supported me to step up and play a much bigger game.  Her coaching continues to positively impact my life and I would not hesitate to refer her to my network and dearest friends.



During the time that Charlene has been my coach, our main focus has been working on relationships and my purpose in life and being able to apply solutions in my everyday encounters. She has offered some great information which I have been able to utilize on a regular basis. Through her ability to coach with unbelievable knowledge and to listen like I have had no person in my life ever do for me,  I continue to thrive daily in these areas that are of great importance to me.



Charlene’s talents in helping me look deep within and understand myself better are invaluable to me.  I truly appreciate the intuitiveness, gentleness, and wisdom that Charlene brings to our sessions.  She is helping me to achieve my goal to live a more self-assured and happy life.  And for that, I am so very grateful.



Charlene’s innate ability to connect with people and her ability to get to the root cause of problems enables her to deliver highly effective coaching. Charlene was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and has worked with me not only to resolve immediate workplace issues, but also to positively influence those around me.